After the Revolution

Peter Jay Sharp Theater

Written by Amy Herzog
Directed by Carolyn Cantor

The brilliant, promising Emma Joseph proudly carries the torch of her family’s Marxist tradition, devoting her life to the memory of her blacklisted grandfather.  But when history reveals a shocking truth about the man himself, the entire family is forced to confront questions of honesty and allegiance they thought had been resolved.  After the Revolution is a bold and moving portrait of an American family, thrown into an intergenerational tailspin, forced to reconcile a thorny and delicate legacy.

Mark Blum
Peter Friedman
Meredith Holzman
David Margulies
Katharine Powell
Lois Smith
Elliot Villar
Mare Winningham

Scenic Designer: Clint Ramos
Costume Designer: Kaye Voyce
Lighting Designer: Ben Stanton
Sound Designer: Fitz Patton
Production Stage Manager: Hannah Cohen

Photos of (1) Peter Friedman, Mark Blum, Mare Winningham, Katharine Powell, and Lois Smith; (2) Mare Winningham and Peter Friedman; (3) Katharine Powell and David Margulies; and (4) Katharine Powell and Elliot Villar by Joan Marcus.


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