Breath, Boom

Studio Theater

Written by Kia Corthron
Directed by Marion McClinton

 For Prix and the teenage girls who inhabit New York's toughest neighborhoods, coming of age is equal parts bullets and boys. With danger ever-present, and juvenile detention a second home, Prix seeks solace in the design of fireworks displays, her source of beauty in a world teeming with violence and despair.

Russell Andrews
Abigail Lopez
Yvette Ganier
Donna Duplantier
Rosalyn Coleman
Caroline Stefanie Clay
Kalimi A. Baxter
Dena Atlantic
Pascale Armand
Heather Alicia Simms

Scenic Designer: Michael Philippi
Costume Designer: Katherine Roth
Lighting Designer: Michael Philippi
Sound Designer:  Ken Travis
Production Stage Manager: Jane Pole

Photos of (1) Yvette Ganier and Abigail Lopez; and (2) Rosalyn Coleman and Yvette Ganier by Carol Rosegg.