A Cool Dip in the Barren Saharan Crick

Peter Jay Sharp Theater

Co-produced with The Play Company and Culture Project

Written by Kia Corthron
Directed by Chay Yew

An African preacher-in-training arrives in drought-stricken rural America intending to further his studies in religion and water conservation.  Hosted by a mother and daughter haunted by tragedy, he takes an interest in a young orphan starved for guidance – all the while maintaining an infectious optimism in the face of his obstacles.  Undaunted, the preacher determines to battle – by any means necessary – the personal and political forces that threaten the ecology of his new home.

Keith Eric Chappelle
William Jackson Harper
Joshua King
Kianne Muschett
Myra Lucretia Taylor

Scenic Designer: Kris Stone
Costume Designer: Anita Yavich
Lighting Designer: Ben Stanton
Sound Designer: Darron L West
Production Stage Manager: Kasey Ostupchuck

Photos of (1) Joshua King, William Jackson Harper, and Myra Lucretia Taylor; (2) Joshua King, William Jackson Harper, and Kianne Muschett; (3) Myra Lucretia Taylor, Kianne Muschett, and William Jackson Harper; and (4) Myra Lucretia Taylor, Keith Eric Chappelle, William Jackson Harper, and Kianne Muschett by Joan Marcus.