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Inked Baby

Peter Jay Sharp Theater

Written by Christina Anderson
Directed by Kate Whoriskey

Stuck for money and unable to conceive, Gloria enlists the aid of her sister to make the child that she and her husband can't.   As they uneasily await the baby's arrival, a mysterious contamination spreads outside.  But consumed by their own struggles, is anyone paying attention?  In this imaginative, other-worldly new drama, one family fights to find its place in a neglected neighborhood.

Che Ayende
Michael Genet
Damon Gupton
Angela Lewis
Nana Mensah
Nikkole Salter

Scenic Designer: Andromache Chalfant
Costume Designer: Kaye Voyce
Lighting Designer: Jason Lyons
Sound Designer: Rob Milburn & Michael Bodeen
Production Stage Manager: Kasey Ostupchuck

Photos of (1) LaChanze and Angela Lewis; (2) Damon Gupton, Angela Lewis, and Michael Genet; (3) LaChanze and Che Ayende; and (4) LaChanze and Damon Gupton by Joan Marcus.


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