Peter Jay Sharp Theater

Written by Adam Rapp
Directed by Adam Rapp

An ailing mother and her teenaged son flee Illinois and a crumbling marriage for the relative calm and safety of a midtown Manhattan hotel.  Mom holds tickets to a popular musical about love and redemption.  Her son, a gifted student currently enrolled at a prestigious military academy, isn’t interested.  So Mom takes the kindly cabdriver instead, while the boy entertains a visitor from down the hall, an enigmatic young woman seeking solace after a tumultuous, potentially dangerous evening.  KINDNESS is a play about the possibility for sympathy in a harsh world and the meaning of mercy in the face of devastating circumstances.

Christopher Denham
Annette O'Toole
Ray Anthony Thomas
Katherine Waterston

Scenic Designer: Lauren Helpern
Costume Designer: Daphne Javitch
Lighting Designer: Mary Louise Geiger
Sound Designer: Eric Shim
Production Stage Manager: Richard Hodge

Photos of (1) Christopher Denham and Annette O'Toole; (2) Annette O'Toole; (3) Katherine Waterston; and (4) Annette O'Toole and Ray Anthony Thomas by Joan Marcus.


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