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Heather Raffo; photo by Scott Suchman

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Dahlia Azama and Heather Raffo; photo by Scott Suchman

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Nabil Elouahabi and Heather Raffo; photo by Scott Suchman

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Heather Raffo and Matthew David; photo by Scott Suchman

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Heather Raffo; photo by Zack DeZon


Mainstage Theater

Written by Heather Raffo
Directed by Joanna Settle

Produced in association with Shakespeare Theatre Company
New York premiere

Did it take Mosul being destroyed to find each other at this table? Could we have gotten here any other way?

Eight years ago, Noura and her family fled their home in Iraq. Today, she plans the perfect Christmas dinner to celebrate their new life in New York. But when the arrival of a visitor stirs up long-buried memories, she and her husband are forced to confront the cost of their choices, and retrace the past they left behind. With compassion and startling clarity, Heather Raffo’s play charts the intricate pathways of motherhood and marriage — and the fragile architecture of what we call home.

Dahlia Azama — Maryam
Liam Campora — Yazen/Alex
Matthew David — Rafa’a
Nabil Elouahabi — Tareq/Tim
Heather Raffo — Noura

Scenic Design: Andrew Lieberman
Costume Design: Tilly Grimes
Lighting Design: Masha Tsimring
Sound Design: Obadiah Eaves
Production Stage Manager: Laura Smith
Assistant Stage Manager: Shane Schentzler

Design Team Bios

Nabil Elouahabi is appearing with the permission of Actors’ Equity Association. The Producers gratefully acknowledge Actors’ Equity Association for its assistance of this production.


Playwrights' Perspectives

Playwright’s Perspective: Noura

The characters of Noura attempt to balance their individual pursuits with a search for community. I believe it is a balance with which many of us struggle.

Backstory: City of Peace

As the international community faces the task of rebuilding Iraq, and as Noura confronts her dreams of home on stage in Hell’s Kitchen, a consideration of Iraq’s past becomes all the more poignant.
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