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Peter Jay Sharp Theater

Written by David Marshall Grant
Directed by Will Frears

A controlling mother holds tightly to her son by influencing his enrollment in a nearby college. Her ex-husband does what he can do to spring the boy loose. Backed into a corner, the young-man’s choice unleashes a series of mysterious events, forcing a broken family to confront its unresolved wounds. Pen is a sly , perceptive new play about finding love losing control, and making the ultimate sacrifice, 

Reed Birney
Dan McCabe
J. Smith-Cameron

Scenic Designer: Robin Vest
Costume Designer: Jenny Mannis
Lighting Designer: Mathew Richards
Sound Designer: Obadiah Eaves
Production Stage Manager: Carmen I. Abrazado

Photos of (1) Dan McCabe and J. Smith-Cameron; (2) Reed Birney and Dan McCabe; (3) Reed Birney and J. Smith-Cameron; and (4) Dan McCabe and J. Smith-Cameron by Carol Rosegg.