Randy Danson and Emily Cass McDonnell; photo by Joan Marcus

Kelly McAndrew, Randy Danson, Triney Sandoval, and Emily Cass McDonnell; photo by Joan Marcus

Emily Cass McDonnell; photo by Joan Marcus

Kelly McAndrew, Randy Danson, Emily Cass McDonnell; photo by Joan Marcus


Writer Lucas Hnath; photo by Zack DeZon

The Thin Place

Peter Jay Sharp Theater

Written by Lucas Hnath
Directed by Les Waters

New York premiere

I claim to know nothing which probably makes me the most honest person in the room.

Everyone who ever died is still here, just in a different part of here. Linda can communicate with them. And if you believe, she can make you hear them, too — in the thin place, the fragile boundary between our world and the other one. With acuity and relentless curiosity, Lucas Hnath’s play transforms the theater into an intimate séance, crafting an unnerving testament to the power of the mind, which has a mind of its own.

Randy Danson — Linda
Kelly McAndrew — Sylvia
Emily Cass McDonnell — Hilda
Triney Sandoval — Jerry

Scenic Design: Mimi Lien
Costume Design: Oana Botez
Lighting Design: Mark Barton
Sound Design: Christian Frederickson
Production Stage Manager: Paul Mills Holmes
Assistant Stage Manager: Kasson Marroquin


First Rehearsal: The Thin Place

After teaming up on ‘The Christians,’ playwright Lucas Hnath and director Les Waters reunite with ‘The Thin Place,’ a dazzling experience transforming our theater into an intimate séance.

Playwrights' Perspectives

Playwright’s Perspective: The Thin Place

I wasn’t quite sure how, just that I knew that I wanted to create some kind of theatrical rift, moving the audience from a relatively straightforward recounting of events to something else.


Backstory: In-Betweens

There’s a seeming delicacy to the Thin Place, by virtue of its position in some just-so in-between, and it’s a delicacy perhaps easily undone.