First Rehearsal Photos: Log Cabin

Meet the cast and creative team of Log Cabin.

Director Pam MacKinnon, playwright Jordan Harrison, and Artistic director Tim Sanford

Cast members Ian Harvie, Cindy Cheung, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Dolly Wells, Talene Monahon, and Phillip James Brannon

Cast member Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Cast members Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Phillip James Brannon

Cast members Cindy Cheung and Dolly Wells

Cast members Talene Monahon and Ian Harvie

Lighting designer Russell H. Champa, assistant lighting designer Christopher Gilmore, properties supervisor Matt Frew, and set designer Allen Moyer review fabric options.

Cast member Phillip James Brannon looks at set renderings.

A model of scenic designer Allen Moyer's Log Cabin set.

The actors get settled before the first read-through.