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Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Phillip James Brannon; photo by Joan Marcus

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Company; photo by Joan Marcus

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Dolly Wells and Ian Harvie; photo by Joan Marcus

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Talene Monahon and Ian Harvie; photo by Joan Marcus

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Ian Harvie, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Cindy Cheung

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Log Cabin image 7

Jordan Harrison; photo by Zack DeZon

Log Cabin

Mainstage Theater

Written by Jordan Harrison
Directed by Pam MacKinnon

World premiere

They couldn’t get married, and then they could. Their families wouldn’t accept them, and then they would. They didn’t have any money, and then they did. There had to be something else to want.

It’s a faraway age of hope and inclusivity; in other words, it’s 2015. When a tight-knit circle of married gays and lesbians – comfy in the new mainstream – sees themselves through the eyes of their rakish transgender pal, it’s clear that the march toward progress is anything but unified. With stinging satire and acute compassion, Jordan Harrison’s pointed comedy charts the breakdown of empathy that happens when we think our rights are secure, revealing conservative hearts where you’d least expect.

Phillip James Brannon — Chris
Cindy Cheung — Pam
Jesse Tyler Ferguson — Ezra
Ian Harvie — Henry
Talene Monahon — Myna
Dolly Wells — Jules

Scenic Design: Allen Moyer
Costume Design: Jessica Pabst
Lighting Design: Russell H. Champa
Sound Design: Leah Gelpe
Production Stage Manager: Amanda Spooner
Assistant Stage Manager: John C. Moore



From the Artistic Director: Log Cabin

Log Cabin owes a bit of debt to the plays that precede it, while also standing as a sterling, singular achievement from this superb, inexhaustibly adventurous, curious playwrights.


Backstory: Log Cabin

The last decade has seen an astonishing enfranchisement and mainstream acceptance of homosexuals, but the transgender community continues to face acute marginalization and antipathy.
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