Production Photos: Log Cabin

All photos by Joan Marcus.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Phillip James Brannon

Cindy Cheung, Dolly Wells, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Phillip James Brannon

Dolly Wells and Ian Harvie

Ian Harvie, Dolly Wells, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Phillip James Brannon, and Cindy Cheung

Dolly Wells, Talene Monahon, and Cindy Cheung

Cindy Cheung and Dolly Wells

Talene Monahon, Ian Harvie, and Phillip James Brannon

Phillip James Brannon and Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Phillip James Brannon, Dolly Wells, Talene Monahon, Cindy Cheung, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Ian Harvie, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Cindy Cheung