Emily Johnson; photo by Tracy Rector and Melissa Ponder

Emily Johnson; photo by Tracy Rector and Melissa Ponder


Guest Curator Program

Indigenous Voices: Reading Series

Each season, Playwrights Horizons collaborates with a Guest Curator, a member of the larger New York arts community who works with our staff. This year, we’re happy to have award-winning dancer and choreographer Emily Johnson, an Alaskan native of Yup'ik descent, curate programming to complement our premiere of The Thanksgiving Play. She has curated the artwork you see in our theater lobby and is assisting with the public readings of four new plays by Indigenous playwrights that we are proud to feature here at Playwrights. These readings will be presented over the course of two evenings and are free and open to the public! Links to RSVP are included below. 

November 1 at 7 PM
South Studio

How I Ended Up on Craigslist

Written by Stephanie V. Shay Mitchell 
Directed by Brett Hecksher

How I Ended Up On Craigslist is a fictionalized version of events from the 1700’s that culminated in the real life story of Six Wabanaki scalps being posted for sale on the popular website, Craigslist in 2009. 

Stand-off at Hwy #37

Written by Vickie Ramirez 
Directed by Ryan Victor Pierce

Thomas, a young National Guardsman and a banded member of the Tuscarora Nation, must choose between divided loyalties when he is sent with his unit to “control” a land claim protest on a local reservation.



November 6 at 7 PM
Peter Jay Sharp Theater

Where We Belong

Written by Madeline Sayet 
Directed by Mei Ann Teo

Where We Belong is a solo performance piece interrogating notions of belonging in a globalized world. As the descendent of generations of Mohegan Medicine People, Madeline Sayet uses her personal narrative, the legacy of her ancestors who travelled to London in the 1700s, and traditional storytelling to ask what it means to be Native and foreign today.

An excerpt from

Return to Blueprint

Written by Tokala Two Elk as told to Dawn Jones
Directed by JJ Lind

At one time, our spiritual energy was 100%, it was pure and strong. To catch what’s left of the Wo [sacred energy] of our people, catch the fragments and put them back together again as a whole. So it begins…


Previous Curators

A. Rey PamatmatA. Rey Pamatmat

Pamatmat was our inaugural guest curator. He kicked off the series during the 2017-2018 season with 8 readings.

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