Jeb Kreager, John Zdrojeski, and Zoë Winters; photo by Joan Marcus

John Zdrojeski, Michele Pawk, and Jeb Kreager; photo by Joan Marcus

Zoë Winters, Jeb Kreager, and Julia McDermott; photo by Joan Marcus

John Zdrojeski and Julia McDermott; photo by Joan Marcus


Photo by Zack DeZon

Heroes of the Fourth Turning

Mainstage Theater

Written by Will Arbery
Directed by Danya Taymor

World premiere

There are more of them. We lost the popular vote, by a lot. And they’re mobilizing. In many ways, they are in power. And they’re trying to wipe us out.

It’s nearing midnight in Wyoming, where four young conservatives have gathered at a backyard after-party. They’ve returned home to toast their mentor Gina, newly inducted as president of a tiny Catholic college. But as their reunion spirals into spiritual chaos and clashing generational politics, it becomes less a celebration than a vicious fight to be understood. On a chilly night in the middle of America, Will Arbery’s haunting play offers grace and disarming clarity, speaking to the heart of a country at war with itself.

Jeb Kreager — Justin
Julia McDermott — Emily
Michele Pawk — Gina
Zoë Winters — Teresa
John Zdrojeski — Kevin

Scenic Design: Laura Jellinek
Costume Design: Sarafina Bush
Lighting Design: Isabella Byrd
Sound Design: Justin Ellington
Fight Direction: J. David Brimmer
Production Stage Manager: Marisa Levy
Assistant Stage Manager: Madolyn Friedman

 Design Team Bios

Will Arbery is the 2019/20 Tow Playwright-in-Residence at Playwrights Horizons.



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