Danya Taymor

Danya Taymor is a New York-based director and translator. Recent work: Jeremy O. Harris’ Daddy” (Vineyard, The New Group), Danai Gurira’s Familiar (Steppenwolf), Antoinette Nwandu’s Pass Over (LCT3/Steppenwolf), Martyna Majok’s queens (LCT3), Justin Kuritzkes’ The Sensuality Party (The New Group), Nathan Yungerberg’s Esai's Table (Cherry Lane Mentor Project), Brian Watkins’ Wyoming (Lesser America) and My Daughter Keeps Our Hammer, Sarah Gancher’s The Place We Built  and LEGOM’s I Hate Fucking Mexicans (The Flea). Her production of Antoinette Nwandu’s Pass Over (Steppenwolf) was filmed by Spike Lee and premiered at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. An alumna of the Women’s Project Lab, Sundance Theatre Lab, Lincoln Center Theater Directors Lab, Van Lier Fellowship and the 2050 Fellowship at NYTW. She is a Usual Suspect at NYTW, an artist in residence at TFANA, a member of Ensemble Studio Theatre an associate artist at the Flea, and a recipient of the Cullman Award for Extraordinary Creativity from Lincoln Center. Education: Duke University.



The American Voice: Terrestrial Saints

Few determine fate as certainly as deities and playwrights. Like gods, writers construct and puppeteer their own universe, prescribing its rules and making its citizens love, fight, and die.