Anson Mount and Bobby Moreno; photo by Joan Marcus


Anson Mount and David Ryan Smith; photo by Joan Marcus


Anson Mount and Bobby Moreno; photo by Joan Marcus

André De Shields; photo by Joan Marcus


Stephen Schnetzer; photo by Joan Marcus


Robert O'Hara; photo by Zack DeZon


Mainstage Theater

Written and Directed by Robert O’Hara

World premiere
Playwrights Horizons Commission

Civil Writer
Have you ever heard of the word…Feminism? It’s an old world term. Back when women walked amongst us.

Mark and Jason were keeping things casual until Jason got pregnant. But however unplanned the pregnancy was, nothing could be less expected than the chain of events it would set in motion. Robert O’Hara’s audacious, hilarious allegory envisions an uncannily familiar future – one long after women have gone extinct from centuries of mistreatment – where man’s capacity to eff everything up soars to new heights.

André De Shields — Jason’s Father and others
Bobby Moreno — Jason
Anson Mount — Mark
Stephen Schnetzer — Mark’s Father and others
Ariel Shafir — Detective and others
David Ryan Smith — OBGYN and others

Scenic Design: Clint Ramos
Costume Design: Dede M. Ayite
Lighting Design: Alex Jainchill
Original Music and Sound Design: Lindsay Jones
Video Design: Jeff Sugg
Hair, Wig and Makeup Design: J. Jared Janas & Dave Bova
Production Stage Manager: Erin Gioia Albrecht


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Artist Interview: Robert O'Hara

I was examining male behavior and I wanted men to have to go through what we put women through. And I didn’t want them to have any sense that this had happened before, you know? I wanted it to be a hundred years past so that there’s a lost sense of history.


This is a Man's World

The play crackles with humor, much of it arising from the seeming absurdity of the situation itself. But if the play begins by engaging restrictions of reproductive freedom, it doesn’t stop there. It would be unfair to spoil the characteristically unhinged twists of Robert’s plot; suffice to say, the bone he has to pick with the patriarchy turns out to be much bigger and more far-reaching.


Selected Works: Robert O'Hara

Playwright and director Robert O’Hara has a reputation for writing and staging wildly imaginative work that embraces taboo and flaunts convention.